Mt. Wilson

April 11, 2015
My boys and I took a road trip to Mt. Wilson on a beautiful Saturday.  This
is a great place to visit in the Angeles National Forest.  The drive is
incredibly scenic and there are many trails and places to picnic and camp in
the vicinity.  But the real reason it's special is the observatories atop the
mountain   There are many telescopes on Mt. Wilson, and one, the 100 inch
Hooker Telescope, is regarded as the most important scientific
instrument of the Twentieth Century.   It was the largest telescope in the
world for 30 years and it forever altered humankind's view of our place in
a vast and expanding universe.  Together with the Pasadena astrophysical
laboratory it produced more astronomical knowledge than any other
facility in the world, before or since.  
More photos here!

Mt. Palomar's 200 inch telescope became the largest after Wilson

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