Sequoia National Forest & Giant
Sequoia National Monument
Me next to a giant sequoia in
the McIntyre Grove
Kristine and Joe next
to Belknap Creek
The Southern Sierra from Highway 190 near Springville
Viewed from an elevation of just a few hundred feet, the relief is an
impressive 10,000 feet and even more if you go up the road to Lindsay
where you can see the Great Western Divide!
Tule River Canyon
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A Tour of Spring
A Tour of Summer
A Tour of Autumn
A Tour of Winter
Trout Meadow, Golden Trout Wilderness
Grey Meadow, Golden Trout Wilderness
Long Meadow, Golden Trout Wilderness
Mountain Home Grove
Dillonwood Grove
Freeman Creek Grove
Trail of 100 Giants (Long Meadow Grove)
Cunningham Grove
Deer Creek Grove & California Hot Springs
Hiking above Springville
The Needles
Tobias Peak, Frog Meadow, and Baker Point
Mule Peak and Bald Mountain
Slate Mountain
Jordan Peak
Blue Ridge
Sequoia National Park
Sequoia National Park 2
Sequoia National Park 3
Sequoia National Park 2017
Kings Canyon National Park
Hibernating Lady Bugs
An Abundance of Water
Beautiful Sunrise and Sunset
Green Foothills
Lewis Hill
Kaweah Oaks
Snow falling on Aspens
Camp Nelson and Belknap Grove 2017

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Sequoia Trees
Sequoia National Forest & Giant Sequoia National Monument
Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

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Tule Canyon near Upper Coffee Camp
Tule Canyon once again, the Wishon flume is in
the photo on the left and you can see Hwy 190
cut into the hillside on the right photo
From November 2002-July 2007 I lived near the Sequoia National Forest
part of which is now designated as Giant Sequoia National Monument.  The
Sequoia National Forest is the southernmost forest in the Sierra Nevada
Mountains of California and it contains 38 groves of giant sequoias - more
than Sequoia & Kings Canyon & Yosemite National Parks combined!
Sit back and enjoy a tour of my old neighborhood!
Looking up a giant sequoia in
the McIntyre Grove
My sister's friend Daniel, me, and
my sister Kristine posing next to a
tree in the McIntyre Grove