Sacramento River Bend
April/May 2020
The hike on the Iron Canyon Trail is amazing in the spring when
everything is blooming!  Jedediah Smith came through here in
1828 and was the first explorer to travel the entire length of
California and Oregon.  This is a nice easy (but rocky) loop trail
about 3.5 miles long to Jed's overlook which has got to be one
of the best views in Northern California.  You can see Lassen
Peak, Mount Shasta, the Trinity Alps, the Yolla Bolly's and a
beautiful stretch of the river and undeveloped California at its
finest.  We debated whether or not we should come on a
Saturday, but we started early and made it back before 11 so
there were just a few other groups on the trail.  We saw easily
30 species of flowers, maybe more! And lots of lizards and
turkey vultures at the point.
We spent several days this spring social distancing a.k.a.
exploring Sacramento River Bend, which is a gorgeous piece
of BlM land near Red Bluff.  Just before these hikes we
adopted another dog named Pip! Pip absolutely loves to hike
and camp and swim and play!
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