Lassen Volcanic National Park & Lassen
National Forest

July 29-30, 2017
We rough spent a fun weekend camping at Hat
Creek and visiting nearby Lassen National Park.  
The road through the park had just been plowed
open!  Amazing for the last week in July!  We
hiked through the Devastated Area, went
sledding, and had lunch at Lake Helen, which
looked like it belonged in Alaska, not California,
and definitely not in July!
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Lake Helen
Crazy kayakers!
Taking his 6th junior ranger pledge! video here
Going into Subway Lava Tube Cave in the Lassen
National Forest - this is seriously cool.  You can walk
from one end to the other!  Bring flashlights!  We
walked through 3 times lol
I've never had to find interpretive signs in the dark
before lol