Total Eclipse!  Eastern Oregon

August 17-21, 2017

The WWWW (Wild Women Warriors of the Wilderness) Trip for 2017 was
hosted by me in the Blue Mountains of Northeast Oregon and carefully
planned so we could experience the total eclipse of the sun!  This group of
ladies has been getting together regularly for trips over the past 20 years
and I joined them in 2005 in Zion, 2006 on the first 16 miles of the AT in
Georgia, 2009 in Joshua Tree, and 2011 in Isle Royale.  
On Saturday we hiked the Crawfish Ridge Trail, which according to my
guidebook would lead to Crawfish Lake in the North Fork John Day
Wilderness.  Well, it didn't, and the road to the trailhead was really
rough.  The trail did, however, lead to a pretty view along the Elkhorn
Ridge of several lakes below.  
My best hikin bud Sonya drove up from So Cal and we drove up to
Phillips Lake the Thursday before the eclipse.  There we met Debra, and
the next morning the other gals began to arrive: Nikii, Nancy, Dyan and
her Granddaughter Kalie, Jane, Mandy, and Barbara.  
That's Crawfish Lake way down there
What do you see?
Anthony Lake, which my family visited last fall
The next day Nancy, Barbara and I hiked a lower trail and this time
made it to Crawfish Lake!
On Monday we woke up and prepared to watch the eclipse!  Nancy was on
hand to narrate the event and let us view it through her telescope.  I did
my best to photograph it, but being my first time and with only a basic
solar filter, none of my shots were spectacular.  I did shoot
a fun video,
though :)  Be sure and watch until the end - the dim lighting we were all
experiencing wasn't that apparent on camera until totality hit.
After the eclipse we packed up, said goodbye to Debra who had
to head home, and the rest of us headed into Baker City to first
get showers, get some supplies, then head towards the
Eagle Cap
Wilderness where we did a 4-day backpacking trip

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