Homestead-Blue Ridge Loop Trail
Berryessa-Snow Mountain National Monument

November 11, 2017
I spent the long Veteran's Day Weekend with my sister in the
quaint town of Winters, CA which is near Berryessa-Snow
Mountain National Monument.  On Saturday we hiked the
Homestead-Blue Ridge Loop Trail which climbs a steep 1,300 feet
above the canyon, traverses a rocky ridge which is Class 3 at
times, then descends steeply back down again in about 5 miles.  
We enjoyed the
fog-shrouded hills, the views of Lake Berryessa,
and the festive toyon berry bushes the most.   
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Can't decide whether I liked this in b+w or color the best
There are three big rock piles that you have to climb up and over
Indian Paintbrush blooming in November!
The ridge had a very steep dropoff
Festive toyon berries, for which Hollywood was named
Small spring along the trail, above
Licen and moss, below
Ruins of the old homestead